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Some of the information in this Website may constitute forward looking statements within the definition of the US Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements with forward looking connotation may be identified as forward looking by containing words such as "may", "will", "expect", "believe", "estimate", "aggregate", "potential", or similar words. Whereas it is the intent of Silver Falcon Mining Inc to minimize the discussion of future expectations and the projection of the future results of operations or financial conditions, the resultant language may communicate expectations which may not be realized or for which expectations may change. Silver Falcon Mining Inc may not be able to predict nor may it be able to control events or outcomes in the future.

Actual results which relate to reserves, ore grades, dilution, availability of ore for mining, capital costs, production costs and other things could differ materially from those currently anticipated or stated as objectives in information provided. Many factors affect the outcome of mining plans including:

. The price of metals which include gold, silver, lead and zinc;

. The productivity associated with a mining plan;

. The metallurgical recoveries and concentrate grades of products to be sold;

. Changes in ore reserve quantities and ore reserve grades;

. Changes in operating costs of all natures including equipment, maintenance, fuels and all consumables as well as electric power costs;

. Changes in national and international economic conditions in the metal markets, foreign exchanges and the broader financial markets;

. Changes in interest rates on borrowings;

. Changes in investment and exploration levels;

. Litigation;

.Unforeseen conditions which affect environmental costs or changes in plans which require additional environmental mitigation;

. Changes in environmental, safety, judicial, regulatory, taxation, which by law, decree or requirement modify past practices.

. Change in requirement for environmental mitigation bonding or insurances;

. Technological or operational difficulties encountered in connection with mining activities, including those things which affect open pit and underground mine activities including stability of rock and hydrologic (underground water);

. Rock slides, mud slides, earthquakes, fires, adverse weather and other natural events may seriously affect plans and production and other factors which could cause a 'force majeure' event or other effect not anticipated;

. Labor relations matters such as strikes and work stoppages;

. Investment and cash flow risks.

Most mining projects including those which are of an exploration and mine developmental nature require a sequence or series of progressive steps where judgments of management may dictate or advise marked changes in the nature of the project depending on the results obtained to that stage. Adverse results or external changes often result in the decision to terminate a project.



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