Announces “Belle Peck” Rock Face Reached

BRADENTON, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 09/16/08 -- Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. (OTCBB:SFMI.PK - News) contractor Deep Rock, Inc., of Melba, Idaho, advised us that it has reached the "Belle Peck" rock face entrance on War Eagle Mountain. The "Belle Peck" adit leads to the 800-foot level of the "Poorman" silver mine. After completing approximately 200-feet of over-burden excavation, the rock face was reached." Both rail and timber exist at the rock face, and both are in good shape. A 10-foot by 200-foot culvert pipe will be installed over the next few weeks into the excavation site to protect and secure the entrance.

At the rock face of the “Belle Peck,” an 8 to10-foot wide vein structure is evident. The structure contains multiple mineralized sulphide stringers with visible disseminated mineralization between them.

Mr. Pierre Quilliam, President of Silver Falcon Mining, Inc., said, "Nowhere in the technical papers regarding the ‘Poorman’ mine had we seen references to the size of the veins that had been worked in the late 1800s; only references pertaining to the quality of the ore. We were not prepared, and were quite awed by the overall dimensions of the rediscovered veins; veins that have not been seen for over 130 years. The currently 'uncovered vein structures are stringers of the ‘Poorman’ main vein. The Company will continue to explore deeper into this adit, sampling these stringer vein structures as progress is made, until the main ’ Poorman’ vein is reached.”

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