Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. (SFMI) Announces “Belle Peck” Discovery

BRADENTON, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 06/25/08 -- Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. (OTCBB:SFMI.PK - News) announced the discovery of the “Belle Peck” adit on War Eagle Mountain.

The long-lost “Belle Peck” adit was rediscovered after 100-plus years of being lost due to avalanches, cave-ins and encroaching vegetation. The “Belle Peck” adit is one of two adits that lead horizontally to the world renowned “Poorman” silver mine, War Eagle Mountain, south of Boise, Idaho. The “Oso” adit, another important adit, has not yet been located and is presumed to be buried under 20-30 feet of overburden material.

The “Belle Peck” adit is the lower of the two adits leading to the “Poorman” silver mine, entering the “Poorman mine”, at about the 800-foot depth level. The “Oso” adit enters the “Poorman” at about the 400-foot depth level.

Mr. Pierre Quilliam, President of Silver Falcon Mining, Inc., said, “The discovery of the ‘Belle Peck’ adit is an exciting and major find for the Company. Silver Falcon is in the process of letting out contracts for the clearing of the overburden which prevents easy access to the rock face entrance to the mine. SFMI’s onsite personnel has begun marking and preparing the site for excavation to reopen the ‘Poorman Mine.’  Noteworthy, the ‘Poorman Mine’ was the richest gold and silver mine in the world, having produced the biggest silver nugget (800lbs) in the world.”

Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. is an exploration and development Company specializing in high-grade Gold and Silver mining properties in North America.

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