SILVER FALCON MINING (SFMI) Reports Information From Historical Drilling Program on War Eagle Mountain.

New York, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 04/21/09 -- Silver Falcon Mining, Inc. (OTCBB:SFMI.PK - News) Management discovers historical written recap over a past drilling program on War Eagle Mountain. This historical recap below states as follows:

Dated May 1, 1991 by D.B.Peterson - "The 1987/88 percussion drilling was concentrated on the main vein systems and the Cornice area and in and around a new zone, previously undetected, that is now known as the 'Hot Zone,' discovered as a result of a structural study based on color air photographs. A prominent east-west lineament that extended from the Poorman vein system to the Afterthought system, at the southern end of the Oro Fino Vein system, was observed and was tested, with excellent results. In 1989, NERCO drilled 25 percussion holes in the 'Hot Zone' and Cornice area, and in the area between them. The holes obtained several significant intersections. In 1990 NERCO drilled a further 18 percussion holes that were concentrated in the Cornice area and the Afterthought extension, the southern projection of the Afterthought vein. In the Cornice area, two significant intersections were obtained in hole #W73. Six holes were drilled on the Afterthought extension, two of which intersected excellent grades of gold over mineable widths. Hole #W75 was stoped in ore.

"Modern exploration has succeeded in demonstrating the potential for small, medium-to-high grade underground deposits to be excellent, as evidenced by the drilling results in the Afterthought Extension, the 'Hot Zone,' some of the peripheral areas such as holes #W49, #W51, and #W62; and, the stopes, adits, and unexplored areas of the existing shafts on War Eagle Mountain. In particular, the discovery of the 'Hot Zone' and the latter drill holes within the last three years in an area where no mineralization had previously been recorded, demonstrates the outstanding potential for further discovery that the property holds.

"Drilling in outlying areas, where there has been no previous record of mineralization, has been successful in intersecting high grade zones over mineable lengths. This indicates that the potential for further significant finds is excellent."

Pierre Quilliam, CEO of SFMI, stated, "We are very excited and encouraged by this historical recap and its findings. Even though this information had been written over 20-years ago, the relevance reveals significant and vast mineralization. We are trying to obtain the complete drilling results from the corporations that were involved in this drilling program. This information will provide the Company's geologist with further empirical history as they prepare their comprehensive mining plans going forward."

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